If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry.
— Edgar Allan Poe

So you say you don't like poetry?

What about the taste of fresh juicy strawberries and seeds that crunch between your teeth, or the sweet smell of spring wafting on a breeze outside your window?  What about leaves calling to the wind and the wind gently carrying birds fresh from their nest?  

What...about...the melody of your child's voice as he sings his favorite song for the 100th time?  

This is everyday poetry.  It is all around us and it is a poet's job to recognize it, translate it into words, and bring it to life on a page with the goal of inspiring those who read. It is in the poet's interpretation where you either relate or not, but rest assured - poetry exists in different forms for everyone.

It is here, in the Poetry Corner, where I will share some of my favorites with you. Poetry of all kinds from authors of all walks, some classic, some contemporary, some known and some not.  I will share poetry, write short poetry book reviews, and if the time feels right, sprinkle in some of my own.  

Welcome to my little corner.  Come in, pull up a seat, and get ready to discover the poetry in your life.