Today is Your Birthday

You may be thinking "Maria, it's May.  My birthday isn't even this month," but if you bear with me I'll explain.

One of my biggest challenges is staying in the moment, being present with what's going on RIGHT NOW.  This means I spend most of my time wishing for the past or worrying about the future and this is particularly true for me in difficult times when anxiety can easily creep in and cloak me in a blanket of darkness.  

When I look at folks around me, it is painfully clear that most of us struggle with being in the moment.  Our phones have completely taken away our ability to just BE, period.  We are no longer able to wait, to just be still, to be silent; and, most do not even recognize the destructive impact this has on our relationships. Perhaps most importantly, it has a huge impact on the one with ourselves.

Staying present during the most challenging times in life is when I struggle the most and it's certainly true that I have lately been walking around with my fists in the air, ready to fight anxiety around every corner. Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to win in a knock-out. Other times, it feels like I'm going down.

In trying to be mindful about this lately, I recognized just how tired I am of not being able to see what's in front of me because I fear what isn't. 

Life is sadly short.  

I know I'm not alone in this so I thought I'd share with you my quick thought for today:


Open yours with the excitement of a child on his birthday. 

Every Day.