Gratitude in Giving 3

Generating Gratitude Series: Part 2.3

What if you do not have $2.00 for a ride home or 10 minutes of time to spare?  

You give the least-costly but most valuable of all.

Giving Love and Kindness 

I will round out this third and final Gratitude and Giving post with a third and final story from my daily travels.  


It was the kind of day where moisture envelopes your body and walking outside feels equivalent to swimming in a swamp.  As I trudged my way to the infamous T station through horizontal rain and ankle-deep street puddles, I arrived just in time for my ride home, complete with drenched dress pants and humidity hair.  

I spent the 45-minute ride home feeling the effects from a long week and exceptionally thankful for this Friday, despite the unusually-heavy rain.  When we finally approached my stop, I made my way to the front and paid the fare but just as I stepped foot outside, I realized I had left my umbrella on the seat - far away from the door.  

This is not a foreign scenario to me as I've lost plenty umbrellas, gloves, and sunglasses to the T; however, despite this umbrella's inability to protect me from the days' horizontal rain, it is especially good at its job and I have taken great measures to protect it (it's the small things in life).

Just as I realized my absentmindedness and rushed back to retrieve it, I hear a woman’s voice say "is this your umbrella?"  She was just a passing passenger who caught a glimpse of my lonesome umbrella and snatched it up as a kind gesture.

Although many would have done the same, there are also plenty who would not have thought twice about walking past it; and, while it may sound like a very small gesture, her kindness added much-needed light to my otherwise dreary day.  

I was so happy she had spared me the loss of my umbrella that, had it not been exceptionally odd, I would have hugged her on the spot.  But instead, I enthusiastically thanked her and continued to my car nice and dry, and with enough gratitude to make me smile.  The impact of her willingness to be kind also snapped me out of the fog and helped energize me.  

So where does love come in to this scenario?

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.
— Lao Tzu

Love is one of the most mysterious of human emotions and can foster in the most ordinary or most extraordinary of places.  It can hitch a ride on the breath of a caring voice, a soft shoulder to cry on, a helping hand, a warm hug, or even the smallest kind gesture to a stranger.   

Love and kindness are like partners who bring out the best in each other.  Giving kindness is an act of love.  Giving love is an act of kindness. 

A simple act of each has the power to transform a person's day and to add just a bit of light in an otherwise dark place.  When we express our gratitude through acts of kindness, we grow love in the world.  

I cannot think of any greater way to give back, no better way to express thanks, and no better evidence of Generating Gratitude.  

And it is something we all can give.