Poetry, Pottery and Lemonade

Long before Beyonce's newest Lemonade album brought it to the spotlight , I learned of an ancient Japanese art form centered around pottery, called Kintsugi.  Dating back to the 15th century, the art is centered around the idea that breaks, cracks, or imperfections are an important part of a piece and should not be hidden, but highlighted.  

After a piece is broken, an artist fills the breaks with lacquer and precious metal (most often gold) to create a piece that's even more beautiful.  Ever since I learned of it, this metaphor for life has strongly resonated with me.

Most of us go about our lives trying to hide our scars and cover up our imperfections. But what if your breaks were highlighted by scars of gold?  What if you are made more beautiful by each new crack? What if each one makes you stronger instead of weaker?

If you would like to learn more, this short video is a beautiful representation of Kintsugi's history.