Welcome to My Journey

The urge to write and the idea for a blog has blown in and out of my mind over the past several years, oftentimes sudden and strong, whipping through me and tossing my thoughts around like paper in a hurricane, threatening to be heard before it destroys everything in its path.  When I reflect back, it’s in those times when my writing has existed at all and most often when my thoughts, while scattered, flow forth to create a beautiful mess. 

Putting feelings to words and thoughts to paper has always been easy for me, an outlet for both pain and creativity, and the place to be most authentically me. 

Authenticity does not come easily to most of humankind but it’s in those moments of sudden winds when life tosses us around, shakes us up, and reminds us we are fragile, that we feel most alive. 

Why then, do we encourage one another to be anyone other than ourselves?  Why do we meld ourselves to fit society’s mold instead of God’s?  Why does our overwhelming need to belong overpower our need to experience the feeling of being alive? 

Why have I encouraged myself to be anyone other than who I am?

The voices of I can’t because I’m afraid and I can’t because I won’t be good enough need to be silenced.

The time has come and it is no longer good enough to not feel good enough. 

Denying the winds their power is no longer purposeful to me.  They are whistling to me now and I’m choosing to listen, to embrace them and feel the gentle breeze on my face before the storm rolls in and destroys me. 

Writing will serve my soul’s purpose of staying true to who I am and real with those who love me.  Welcome to my journey.  I intend to bask in some sunshine along the way.