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Meet the person
behind the page

Like so many, I spent years hiding behind different masks, afraid to show the world who I truly am with all of the good, bad, and ugly. It was when I finally re-discovered my long-lost love of writing that I began to understand the importance of being authentic, of showing up and claiming my spot on this earth as the one-and-only me. This includes sharing my passion, my pain, my struggles, and my successes. 


In order to thrive in today's crazy world, I believe you must bring your whole self to the table. Then, and only then, can we nourish ourselves and feed others. 

I was born a natural wonderer - always curious about the workings of the world around us. I am inspired by the immeasurable beauty in the otherwise ordinary experiences of life. My passion lies in sharing what I have learned through my writing in hopes it will inspire others to realize they are not alone.

In addition to writing, I also love being creative in the kitchen by bringing my own inspiration to my cooking and baking. I may even share some of my specialties here with you! 

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